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State Officer Leadership Training

The State Officer Leadership Training (SOLT), held in June, is developed, presented and sponsored annually by the New Jersey FFA Alumni.

Topics covered include:photo of competency evaluation from 2008 SOLT

  • Public Speaking exercises - Greeting and Introductions 
  • Lessons in etiquette and professionalism
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of State Office
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • State Theme Development
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Committee Responsibilities

picture of 2008-09 officers at SOLT participating in the marble pass activity

The newly elected officers attend instructional sessions and are given challenges to learn about parts of their role as State Officer.

picture of 08-09 state officers at SOLT reading materials and brainstorming ideas

The officer team is provided the opportunity to brainstorm ideas on how they want to leave their mark on New Jersey FFA.

photo of 08-09 state officers at SOLT participating in the skiing team building activity

The officer team also takes part in team building exercises so they can learn to work together and trust one another.